Children’s day!

In Hungary children’s day is on the last Sunday in May.

It is held since 1931, first it was children’s week, but it got shortened for a day.

On this day, Parents take out their children for a trip, go to a theme park, zoo..etc
They nearly do everything to their children. If the weather is bad or the kid doesn’t wants to go out
he/she usually asks for a present.

It is originally a Turkish tradition, the basic of all this is to honor the children.

If you have children give them something nice if you want to.They will be happy about it, because they feel like
they are special.

Image source:Flickr

About the author: Márk Ungvári

He lives in Hungary, Budapest. Márk likes music, games and sometimes going out with friends. His favourite band is Linkin Park, game is Kingdom Hearts and favourite book is Magic by Angie Sage.